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A holiday home Vester Husby is a wonderful place to spend your holiday by the North Sea. The holiday homes are located at a good distance from each other as all plots must be at least 5000 m2. If you therefore want a holiday with space and privacy, then Vester Husby is a great choice.

Vester Husby is located in a beautiful scenic area, with lots of variety. You can both find holiday homes that lay all the way out in the dunes and from where you can hear the North Sea roar from the other side of the dunes, but you can also find houses that are located a little further inland towards Husby Klitplantage which is filled with beautiful hiking and biking trails. A holiday home in Vester Husby is the perfect base for a relaxing holiday by the North Sea.

In the summer you can enjoy the beach and all the activities it offers, while in the winter you can feel the western wind blowing and see the North Sea wave showing its "teeth".

If the North Sea is a little too wild and big, but you still want to take swim, then you should visit the swimming lake "Skavemosen" that is located in Husby Klitplantage. The lake is an ideal alternative to the North Sea if you still want to swim, and is also good for children as the water level is low - it is only around 1,5 m at its deepest spot. Around the lake there are table sets where you can enjoy your food, or you can use the barbecue that is free to use.

Vester Husby is also an good place to bring your dog on your holiday. The large grounds provide plenty of space for the dog, and there is a dog forest in the eastern part of Husby Klitplantage. The dog can also run free on the beach from October to March as long as you have it under control.

From your holiday home in Vester Husby, it is also easy to go on excursions and explore the many attractions that the West Coast has to offer.

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