Holiday Homes in Vester Husby - In the middle of nature

Enjoy a beautiful sunset over the North Sea or take a walk in the silence of the forest. A holiday home in Vester Husby is the ideal choice for a holiday in beautiful nature. The holiday homes in Vester Husby are very popular, not least because of the large plot sizes. All the holiday homes in Vester Husby are located on large plots that are at least 5000 m2, either in the dunes or towards Husby Klitplantage, where you can find more shelter and have a larger green outdoor area. A holiday home in Vester Husby is also the ideal choice for a holiday with a dog. On the large grounds there is plenty of space to take the dog with you, and the cottages are also not far from the beach where the dog can run free from October 1 to March 30, as long as it is under control. In the eastern part of Husby Klitplantage there is also a dog forest.

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The holiday homes in Vester Husby are located right next to Husby Klitplantage, which is filled with fine hiking and biking trails. In the southern part of the plantation, there is a cycle path that, among other things, takes you past the viewpoint Nøgenbjerg, from where there is a view of the entire plantation. The 560 km long "West Coast Route", which runs from Skagen in the north to Rudbøl in the south, also runs through the plantation, and should you have the courage for even more, it is also part of the world's longest cycle route of 6000 km, the "North Sea Cycle Route", that takes you through 8 countries.

Holiday in Vester Husby

Behind the dunes lies the wide white sandy beach and the North Sea. On the beach, it is always exciting to see what rocks and other treasures have been washed ashore. Maybe you are lucky to find amber. On the beach you will also find the great remains from World War II, the concrete piles that were part of the so-called Atlantic Wall.

In summer, the beach is of course the biggest attraction in the area. Here it is full of life, people bathe, build sand castles, enjoy the sun or take a walk with bare toes at the water's edge.

In winter, the wind takes over and the waves get bigger and wilder and the beach more rugged. At this time it is great to take a walk on the beach and be "blown through" as we so nicely call it. You get red cheeks and wind in your hair and feel almost like a new human being when you return to the cottage. Here it is always nice to get the heat again in front of the stove while you can hear the wind outside. Holidays in Vester Husby are a completely unique nature experience.

Although nature is a major attraction for our area, there are also many other experiences, activities and attractions nearby that are worth a visit. You can find more inspiration for that holiday below.