Holiday homes with Friday arrival

Arrive on Friday - you will find more advantages 

Through the years more of our holiday homes have changed to have arrival and departure on Friday. And you will see that there are several advantages to that.

When you rent a holiday home from Friday to Friday you will not be in the same traffic, as the ones arriving on Saturday. Traffic is much lighter on Friday, which is music to the ears for most families with kids. Or maybe you just want to spend our time in the holiday home rather than on the high way. Often the holiday homes are also ready for you to move into earlier than on Saturdays. It will likely be ready at 3pm at the latest on Fridays. 

If you rent a holiday home with arrival Friday, you of course also get the whole weekend to enjoy. Most of the local activities is placed on the weekends, and because many are travelling Saturday the lines are not as long in for example Legoland. 

When the time comes for you to go home again, you get the whole weekend at home to unpack and get the laundry done, before going back to work. 

If any of this sounds nice to you, then a holiday home from Friday to Friday is for sure for you!

See our selection of holiday homes that can be rented from Friday to Friday here. 

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