Ringkøbing is a cozy old market town from the 15th century and is approx. 30 km from Vedersø Klit. Here you will find good supermarkets, shopping and a cozy harbor.

Ringkøbing is especially known for its small cobbled and idyllic streets in the old part of town, which are always nice to visit. The small, old townhouses are charming and beautiful to see.

In the city you will find many different specialty shops where you can buy everything from interiors, clothes and hunting equipment to small unique jewelry and art.

Should you get hungry, there are several small cafes and restaurants you can visit. For example, try sitting in the square in the middle of the city and enjoy a meal while the city buzzes around you. You can also go down to the harbor where there are ice cream shops, several small cafes where you can enjoy lunch or dinner or you can try Fiskehuset which serves various fish dishes.

Visit Ringkøbing if you want to experience a cozy little trading town.

You can read more about Ringkøbing on their website

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