Øster Skovgård

When you arrive at Øster Skovgård, you can already see in the parking lot that something exciting awaits you. The large area with the good parking conditions indicates that here is something that many people come by to look at. In recent years, there have also been an average of around 70,000 visiting guests past the old country house just outside Herning, which makes up for Christmas - all year round.

It started otherwise in the small. In 1985, Pia and Kaj bought the old farm, which was originally called Østergård. They both had full-time jobs, and really just wanted a nice place for the family. To make the plot even better, they chose to plant trees to the west to break the wind; spruce trees, because they do well in the strong winds that prevail over the region. As the trees grew, acquaintances asked for permission to cut down Christmas trees. That was no problem. A saw, and a jar of jam for money, were hung up by the road, and then people could serve themselves.

From then it did not take long before Pia and Kaj decided to plant Christmas trees - and now that a forest had been planted, they gave the property the more accurate name: Øster SKOVgård, skov means forest in Danish. Eventually, however, it grew larger. Some customers lacked a foot for the Christmas tree, others a top star and others candles - and then the foundation for Øster Skovgård was laid. Today, all buildings are involved with the company, which truly offers EVERYTHING for Christmas.

The old barn with the vaulted ceilings is filled to the brim with elves of all shapes and sizes. However, there is also room for Christmas balls, stars, angels, crib games and much more. For example, there is a whole department with Danish-produced candles, and another department with various hobby items for use in the production of your own Christmas items.

The large selection indoors can fascinate everyone, both large and small. However, the impressive amounts of different Christmas equipment call for both good time and a good portion of patience if one is to form an overview of it all.

The couple's four, now adult, children have been involved throughout the creation of the company, and therefore experiences have also been considered for all ages. Øster Skovgård has been built over a number of years, so the children have represented many ages over time. Their input remains on the property, especially outdoors, where there is plenty of room to both preserve but also develop with renewal.

Disability-friendly elf path speaks to many senses

The biggest asset outside is probably "Nissestien", "The Elf Path". An approx. 600 m long handicap-friendly path that goes down into the "old forest". Throughout the path there are activities and impressions for both high and low. There is, for example, the Elf Village by the large mushroom - for the adults it looks like an impressively large red mushroom, but if you move closer to the ground, you will be able to see a cozy little elf environment under the big mushroom.

Santa bowling, climbing elves, selfie platforms in Christmas environments, a plateau with a view of the motorway - there really is something for everyone. Every year new initiatives are added, so it is always exciting to come by.

Pia and Kaj's own children have long since flown from the nest, but they are still interfering - and now grandchildren have also been added, so there is still input from many ages.

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