Jyllands Park Zoo

Children, parents and grandparents walk around the park, looking at the animals, hand-feeding some of them, grinning at the sea bears show in the pool, relaxing in one of the many green areas and eating the packed lunch before the little amusement park is to be tried.

In 2019, Jyllands Park Zoo could celebrate its 50th anniversary. Over time, the park has been expanded and to this day you can see approx. 500 animals. See everything from giraffes, zebras and lions to birds, kangaroos and rabbits. Marketing and event coordinator, Marianne Alstrup, says: “What is so special about our zoo is that our guests get close to the animals. We hope our guests experience the relaxing atmosphere that is here and relax while they visit us ”.

Get close to the animals

Throughout the day, you can see the animal keepers working with the animals. In addition to the daily care of the animals, such as feeding and cleaning their boxes, the zoo has several shows during the day, where guests get extra close to the animals and you hear the animal keepers talk about the animals. The sea bears can be experienced every day (except Friday), when the animal keepers feed them and show how they work with the sea bears. The show is always popular and as 5-year-old Tilde said when the big sea bear male, Bubber, appeared in the water right in front of her: "I almost thought he would kiss me, but then he just splashed". You can also follow the animal keepers when they feed the penguins or how about touching or holding the park's large tiger python?

Buckets with carrots hang around the park, so that the park's guests can hand-feed e.g. donkeys and llamas. In the kiosk you can buy special animal food with which you can feed some of the park's animals.

Near the entrance, people crowd together to enjoy the sight of the pet goats loving when people visit them in the enclosure.

Animal keeper for a day

You have the opportunity to follow an animal keeper very closely for four hours. You can buy the experience "Animal keeper for a day" and get to help to make food, clean and feed the animals. After this, you come home with a completely unique experience, where you have been very close to many animals. Visit www.jyllandsparkzoo.dk for more information on how to buy the experience.

The children's - and the family's - paradise

In addition to the many animals, Jyllands Park Zoo is also a play mecca for children and childish souls. They have many playgrounds, and it is also here that you can find Denmark's largest bouncy pillow of 689m2 and a small tivoli where children can try small radio cars, carousels and mini trains. Around the park there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy your food - a total of 850 tables / benches are available and there is also a barbecue for free use. Marianne Alstrup hopes that guests also see Jyllands Park Zoo as a place where all the senses come into play by virtue of all the sounds and smells that are in the park.

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