The holiday home area Vedersø Klit

Vedersø Klit is one of the oldest and most beautiful areas with holiday along the Danish West Coast. The area was in the 1920s and 1930s used by the Danish upper class, and you can still today find many charming houses that will take you back to those times.  All holiday homes in Vedersø Klit are build in stone and with a thatched roof, which makes the area harmonic and beautiful.

Even though Vedersø Klit not is the biggest area with holiday homes, the area is very variated, and you can find houses in the “old” Vedersø Klit that lies in the dunes or in the newer part where the houses are newer and lies on a little more closed grounds.

Most famous in Vedersø Klit is the old sea mark, that helped the sailors navigate the hard waves on the North Sea. But Vedersø Klit is also known for the beautiful nature that surrounds the area and the long sandy beaches. The beach in Vedersø Klit also has the blue flag, which is your guarantee for a clean beach and clean water. Here you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the summertime or long, peaceful walks during the autumn and winter. Vacation in Vedersø Klit is relaxation in beautiful surroundings with lots of space around you.

We have a big selection of houses in Vedersø Klit, and we are sure that we also have a house that fits your needs, no matter if you prefer the big luxury houses or the smaller cozy and charming houses.

A holiday home on Vedersø Klit is ideal for you, who want to enjoy a peaceful holiday, but still want to be near activities.

In the area Vedersø Klit you will find an outdoor swimmingpool by Vedersø Klit Campsite, where they also have a mini golf course. Vedersø Riding Center is close by and offers trips to the beach on horseback. And you have great opportunities for fishing, either from the beach, in the Fjord, from Thorsminde or in one of the many Put & Take lakes.

A day at the beach is of course always a good way to spend the day. In the summertime you can try surfing, build sand castles on the beach or just enjoy the sun. In the winter you get the beach all to yourself and you can long enjoy quiet walks.

Vedersø Klit has lots to offer all year around, no matter if you prefer the relaxing or the active holiday.

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