The holiday home area Nørhede Øst

For whom?

Families with children, photographers, birdwatchers ... there is something here for all nature lovers.


Nørhede Øst lies directly on the Nissum Fjord. Children love the shallow sandy bays - they can play and swim wonderfully in the shallow water. It is exciting to explore the small harbours. There are great photo opportunities in Sandholm Havn. The dense reeds are home to many different species of birds.

Do what?

The small sandy bays are lined up like a string of pearls. A small, paved path leads you from one to the other. Which will be your favourite cove?

From here, the Nissum Fjord is easy to explore by bike, and if you like the North Sea beach, Spidsbjerg beach is very close.

If you want to do some real hiking, start at Sandholm Havn. You can walk around the Nissum Fjord on the 70 km long marked hiking trail. Perhaps in several stages?

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