Terms of rental 2021


The address to pick up the key is Klitferie • Havvej 4 • Vedersø Klit, 6990 Ulfborg – You have the house from 16.00 on the arrival day – after 14.00 you are welcome to ask if the house is ready. If you arrive later than 17.00 we ask you to contact us on phone +45 97495195


The rent is payed with 1/3 at the time of booking – the rest of the rent must be payed at the latest 6 weeks before arrival.

Processing fee:

A processing fee of DKK 150 is added to the contract.


The house is your until 10.00 on the day of departure, where the must be handed back at the office together with the payment for electricity (sometimes also for water and heating) and the final cleaning you have chosen to book that by Klitferie. (Remember to book the cleaning at the latest 5 days before departure)

Final cleaning

The price of the final cleaning is shown at the individual house on www.klitferie.com. Have you booked cleaning by Klitferie, you still need to clean the oven, stove, empty the dishwasher and put things back in place. We kindly ask you to always use sheets and cooking bags when using the oven. If there is a spa in the house, we also ask you to fill this with cold water when you leave the house. If you have moved the furniture around, please put them back in place. A list for cleaning the house yourself can be found in the information book in the house.

Complaints regarding cleaning must be notified to Klitferie immediately after arrival and always before moving into the house. Klitferie will then inspect the house and initiate any further cleaning if needed. Upon arrival outside of office opening hours, the tenant waived the right to make a complaint regarding cleaning.

(Cleaning detergents and cloths are not in the holiday home)


Electricity, oil, geothermal and water are paid according to consumption.

Number of people

More people than stated under the number of people in the rental certificate is not allowed in the house. 1-2 kids under 3 years who sleep in a cot do not count. (Overcrowding will result in the expulsion of everyone in the house). Overnight stays must be notified to Klitferie and there must never be more overnight stays in the house that the number of people stated in the catalog/on the website.


The tenant is responsible for the house and furniture during the rental period. If damage occurs, it must be reported immediately to Klitferie, so that the damage can be repaired. If any porcelain or decorative items break during the stay, please also notify Klitferie, as you are obliged to pay the purchase price, or deposit a replacement yourself.

Notification of damages and complaints from previous tenants should be notified to the office within 24 hours of arrival.


If the rental agreement is canceled up to 90 days before the day of arrival, a fee of 20% of the rent must be paid, however, a minimum 730 DKK. Rebooking to another house or another date in the same house, can be done up to 90 days before arrival for a fee of 350 DKK, pool houses however 730 DKK.

Between 1-89 days before the day of arrival, the lease can not be canceled and the tenant is obliged to pay the entire rental amount to Klitferie. 


When you rent a holiday home through Klitferie, you can buy a cancellation insurance through Europæiske Travel insurance Denmark, which covers both before and during the stay, if you suddenly have to cancel the holiday home, due to your own or close family´s serious illness. The premium of the cancellation insurance amounts to 6% of the rental amount and is not refunded upon cancellation of the rental contract. The insurance conditions are available at www.klitferie.com.

Highchair/Travel cot

Can be borrowed if it is not available in the house, but it must be returned to the address where you hand in the key at departure, otherwise a collection fee of 300 DKK will be charged per. borrowed item.

Bed linen

Rent per. Person – 95 DKK. Bed linen with towels: Rent per. Person – 140 DKK.


Unfortunately, electrical items in the house may break down, should this be the case, you should contact us immediately and we will have the damage repaired as soon as possible, but we ask for your understanding that a few days may pass, especially in weekends or holidays, or if a spare part is to be procured.  


At www.klitferie.com under facilities you can see whether one or two pets are allowed in the individual holiday homes. In the search for available holiday homes, you can indicate whether you want to bring one or two pets. (Cats are not always allowed, therefore please read the text carefully and remember to let us know when booking if the pet is a cat). If you wish to bring more pets, always ask in advance. If there are more pets in the house than specified, this can lead to expulsion from the house. Please also respect if the text says that only a small pet is allowed. (The house owner may have pets themselves, even though pets are not allowed). We request that you clean the grounds after the pet before departure, as the next guest may not have pets. The pets are not allowed in furniture and beds. We recommend that the pets are flea-treated during the stay. The last tenant of the house who has had pets with them will be required to pay for a cleaning for fleas of the house, the rental company can not be held responsible for any flea infestation against the tenants. Pets must never be left alone in the holiday home. If you have had any pets with you in the holiday home you must, even if you have ordered a cleaning, vacuum the whole house before leaving. If you do not do this, you may be charged a fee of 365 DKK.


Some holiday homes have a lawn while others have a nature plot with heather and tall grass. It is strictly forbidden to camp on the plot – The number of people the house is rated for must be complied with; violation result in expulsion. If the plot is with a lawn, it can often happen that the lawn is mowed during the rental period. Please understand this disturbance during the holiday.


Use of playgrounds and play equipment on the holiday home plot is at your own risk.


Not everyone is on holiday, therefore there might be renovation or construction of a new holiday home next door to you during the stay. Unfortunately, we can not prevent it, and therefore can not be held responsible for it.



The house

The bathrooms can be very different – in older houses the shower is often in a corner of the bathroom with a shower curtain. The bedrooms are also very different: the double beds are from 140 cm to 180 cm wide – single beds from 70 cm to 90 cm wide and the lengths of the beds are between 180 cm to 200 cm. The kitchen and living room are equipped according to each house owners needs and requirements for the holiday home. Therefore, not everything you think is standard in everyday life is standard in the holiday home. Some of the holiday homes are very equipped while others are more spartan.    


In the holiday homes you will normally find 2 Danish channels – if the house is listed with a satellite dish there are some German channels but not all. (Should there be some unexpected problems with the TV or satellite dish on arrival, we must ask you to understand that the technicians are on weekend from Friday evening to Monday morning).


In holiday homes with internet it is free to use. Failures may occur in periods. The speed of the internet connection can vary greatly from holiday home to holiday home. Klitferie and the houseowner can not be held responsible for this.


The fireplace may only be fired with dry hardwood, never wood picked up from the beach. The fireplace will often not be completely clean on arrival due to fire hazard with the hot ashes. If you have questions about the individual house, you are always welcome to contact us.

Tool shed

Often the holiday home has a tool room or shed on the plot. You can not count on this being free to use, as our holiday homes are privately owned and the houseowners often use it for their private things. In the holiday home you might also find a closet used for private things.

Standard equipment

Coffee machine, small freezer in the fridge (in some houses there is a separate freezer), stove, oven, shower, duvets, and pillows for the number of people that is stated to the house is standardized. (The condition of the duvets and pillows may vary).

Patio furniture

Table and chairs or table and bench – at some houses there are 2 sun loungers. Cushions for the furniture is not a given – often there are none, not even in the big houses. If the house has a grill, it can be used with care, always make sure to put it out with water when you are done. The tenant is obliged to keep the grill clean, Klitferie take no responsibility for the condition of the grill, and we encourage you to use grill trays. The weather is very changeable by the coast, beware of parasols and cushions for the furniture, if the house has it, the tenant is liable for all damages during the rental period.


During the winter months the distance to supermarkets can be a little longer than stated, as some of our supermarkets unfortunately close in the period for November to Easter.


We sort trash – cans, paper, cardboard and glass must be delivered to the trash collection depots, see information folder in the house - waste trash is collected approx. every 14 days in the summer period and every 4 weeks during the winter period.

The nature

We live very close to the nature, therefore there might be some creeping and/or flying insects in and around the house, for which Klitferie can not be held responsible. Mosquito nets must not be glued to the window frames, tenants will be held responsible for the cleaning and if necessary the replacement of the frame. In Denmark we have a small snake (Viper), do not touch it as it is poisonous and bites must be treated by the doctor. If pets are bitten, consult a veterinarian.


Our beach is partly sandy beach, but rocks also occurs. The beach is free to use. Dog should be kept on a leash to not disturb other guests. Please use only the marked paths in the area, the dunes are vulnerable, do not let kids slide down them.

Dog forest

Husby Klitplantage has a nice dog forest. Please pick up the dog’s excrements if on a path or a road and put it in the waste can. The dog can run free in dog forest if you have control over it. If you use other parts of Husby Klitplantage, the dog must be on a leash due to the wildlife.

Bike rental



Note that we for anglers have listed the holiday home’s freezing capacity at the individual house. If changes occur the update will be available on the website. We have a few 180 liter freezers that can be rented for 300 DKK per piece.


Bring health insurance card or proof of health insurance


Danish judiciary – Ringkøbing or Holstebro

Force Majeure

If Klitferie is prevented from making the holiday home available, or if the tenant is unable to arrive, due to circumstances that can be described as force majeure or similar circumstances that were not known at the time the lease was entered, Klitferie may choose to cancel the booked stay in exchange for giving the tenant a voucher on the paid rental amount. The voucher must be used within 12 months after the condition that led to the cancellation of the planned stay no longer exists, and can only be used to pay for a new stay at Klitferie. Paid processing fee and any amount paid for cancellation insurance is not transferred to the voucher, but accrues to Klitferie.

Force majeure is, for example, but not limited to, war, strike, natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics, public restrictions and the like, which means that tenants can not arrive, or Klitferie can not make the holiday home available without significant costs to tenant.

Printing errors

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